Cyclical Creative


Screen 1

Moved all of the likes/followers/etc to the same section.  This way all data is in the same place.  No need to scatter all that stuff across the screen.

No play button… Content plays automatically, tap and hold to pause, swipe left and right to go forward and backward.

Removed the flag icon in favor of the “•••” icon. That way you can hide multiple functions under one umbrella.  The goal is to keep it clean, intuitive and functional.

The bottom bar is a progress bar. As the video progress the white bar will fill up with that gradient.  At the end of the video the entire bar will be the gradient.

Screen 2

Removed “all stories”. You have featured and trending and you can search.  Thats all you need in my opinion.

Changed the layout to be more dynamic. 

Removed the details on top of the thumbnails. It looks way less busy like this.  When you tap on the thumbnail Screen 1 will appear and show you the profile/likes/views info.

Screen 3

Removed the top banner and nav.  This way it’s cleaner and less distracting.  Ultimately the content is king and the bio/huge profile photo shouldn’t be the focus.

Changed the layout of the photos so they display bigger. On Screen 2 you’re browsing/exploring so it’s not specific. 3 wide allows you to see more at once and “explore” more quickly.  I felt it made sense to enlarge the photos on Screen 3 because it’s more specific.  You’ve found the user you’re interested in and you’ll most likely be paying more attention to each post.